Iran Free Trade Zones


Specific advantages of Iranian  Free Zones

  • Strategic geographical location in near the high seas
  • Nearest port to the markets of Central Asia and Afghanistan
  • Easy access to fossil fuels
  • Easy access to construction materials
  • Easy access to a variety of minerals in Iran
  • Multifaceted transport through air, land and sea
  • Facilitation of sale and long-term lease for foreign investors
  • Being located in the safest and nearest route to global markets
  • Proximity to populated and growing countries in South Asia , CIS countries and the Middle East countries 
  • Proximity to the world’s largest energy source in the Persian Gulf

⇒ Facilities and legal advantages

  •  Possibility of appropriation of 100% shares of foreign companies
  • Investments guarantee in accordance with FIPPA of foreign investment in Iran
  • Possibility of transferring 100% of capital and profits obtained from the activity of registered foreign individuals abroad
  • 100% tax exemption on income and capitals for 20 years which is extendable
  • Exemption for entering the machines and raw materials for production units from Customs duties
  • Freedom from general import-export regulations of export of each region products
  • Customs exemption of industrial units products of zone for export to the mainland to the amount of value added in the use of domestic raw materials
  • Possibility of using foreign labor as much as 10 percent of the total workforce 
  • Flexibility in the rules and regulations in terms of employed workforce in the zone
  • The permissibility of unloading, loading, transit, and Transshipment and exemption from Customs duties with the exception for the costs of storage and handling
  • The permissibility of retailing goods and commodities
  • Possibility of establishing local and foreign Bank & Insurance or their branches
  • Issuing six-month visa for foreign investors which is extendable
  • Issuing visa at the airport by representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Advantages, facilities and port facilities 

1-    Discounts

  • Discount on storage costs for containers which are imported by adrift to the free zone.
  • Discount on port facilities for containers which are shipped by adrift to the free zone.
  • Discount on storage costs of exportable and transitional goods into the free zone.
  • Discount on transport from origin to 10% of CIF value of the goods.
  • Discounts on the dealership and after sales services to 10% of CIF value of the goods.
  • Tax exemption for 20 years from the date of exploitation for all economic activities.
  • Exemption from storage costs for three months.

2-    Facilities

  • Providing suitable facilities for the import of commercial goods.
  • Providing facilities for the difference between the costs of transporting goods.
  • Issuing of the certificate of origin approved by the Customs of the country.
  • Issuing of negotiable warehouse receipt and separable warehouse receipt approved by the Customs of the country.
  • Non-abandonment of goods in the Free Zone.

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Relative advantages and investment opportunities in Iranian  Free Zones

Investment opportunities Relative advantages
Heavy industries Cheap workforce
Energy-intensive industries, energy saving and its transshipment Proximity to the energy resources and its consumer markets in India, China, Middleeast and CIS countries.
Consuming industries, support services and international transport Proximity to the growing consumer markets in Central Asia and Afghanistan, the Middle East, and South Asia
Manufacturing and repairing ships Proximity to the international shipping lanes
Fisheries industries Access to abundant aquatic resources in thePersian Gulf , Sea of Oman , the Indian Ocean, and the Caspian Sea.
Export-oriented manufacturing industries such as assembling automobiles and electronic devices Import and export tax incentives
Agricultural products processing industries Close access to some agricultural products such as dates
Minerals processing industries Access to certain types of minerals on adjacent areas such as limestone and granite
Tourism industries Close access to the beach and retail shops
Infrastructural industries Infrastructure needs
The establishment of universities and technical and vocational centers Training needs
The establishment of service industries such as international financial services and specialized advisory services Service needs

Investment Opportunities in Iranian Free Zones  Industries and Mines

Building refinery and petrochemical complex
Manufacturing and assembly of automobiles
Repair  and manufacturing of ships and fishing boats
Comprehensive network of fisheries industries
Textile industries
Factories of oil extraction from plant seeds
Packaging and repackaging
Cement  factories
Aluminum and steel factories
Electronic devices assembling

 Infrastructures and energy supply

Establishment of Industrial Estates with full set of warehouses and production halls for sale, rent and other services
Power station
Water desalination factory
Energy storage tanks
Establishment of telecommunications and IT facilities


Establishment of branches of foreign universities.
Establishment of international centers of private technical and vocational training.


Establishment of regional Center like cotton market, and the market for agricultural products, etc.
Establishment of international stores such as Chinese and Hindi centers of products.
Establishment of international exhibition centers.
Establishment of advisory centers for investment and international trade.
Establishment of international banks and insurances.
Establishment of telecommunications and IT facilities.


Construction of hotels and residential centers
Creating tourist village
Creating aquatic and diving parks
Creating centers of recreation

 Transportation, transit and support services

Services of air, land and sea transportation particularly in Central Asia, Afghanistan, East and Southern Africa, Middle East, South Asia and the Far East.
Establishment of supply chain management facilities and support services including warehouses, cold storages, terminal of container and port services.

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